vrijdag 28 februari 2014

The Great Scam

De Admiraal (aka Tom Van Laere) toont met deze vijfde plaat dat hij nog steeds één van de getalenteerdste singer-song writers van België is. Een plaatsje op Rock Werchter 2014 aub.

Beluister via Deezer.

Tiki Taka passing training

A great pass training exercise by Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munchen.

I did this exercise with the U12 (regional) youth players as a warm up, and it worked well in two phases. First, I split it up in two separate groups, each doing the same, simple exercise (left on the picture).
Secondly, I started with everybody together with one ball: good coaching is important there. When this went well, we tried two balls, each starting at 'player 1'. In the beginning, I paused the exercise after every succesful run (means 3 passes, so the ball is with players 4), so the players would move correctly to their next position (actually, just following the ball).

Spot, sweet.

I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh. But definitely memorable.

Contact forms

I try to contact my former operator via an online form, but can only choose ‘I am a client’, ‘I am not a client yet’. What about ‘I was a client’?

The world turned upside down

Normally, you hear things like “it works always, just not in Internet Explorer” or “Does it really have to support Internet Explorer 8?" (Yes, it does).
However, I recently received the message below, this is just sad.

First contact

After filling in a demo request for an online app, this is the e-mail I received from company X. Great & useful e-mail if I want to buy the product, isn't it?
A missed opportunity to send me (relevant) info & gather information about me (the possible customer) and my (buying) intentions.

RIP blink

Luckily, not Blink 182 (enjoy them on Deezer), but the Blink HTML tag.
As from version 23 of the Firefox webbrowser, the HTML tag “blink” will no longer be supported. The end of an era, as it ends the flickering of text on websites.
Webmasters who however want to continue irritating their users, can work around via extensive JavaScript programming. Just so you know, animated gifs and <marquee> are still on the table.

User Manual Experience

I came across a non-intuitive online tool, so I went looking for a user manual.
Fortunate enough, there were 3 manuals available: the user manual, the super user manual and the project manual.
Unfortunately, I will never read them.